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  • Al Wafa’a holding the closing ceremony of the MEPI-funded “Engagement of Local Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOS) in the Work of Local Authority” local grant in Dhamar © Hodhod Yemen

    Local NGOs Strengthen their Leverage on Local Authorities to Better Address Citizens’ Needs and Demands in Dhamar

  • Yemeni students learn about their civic values and political rights in five Yemeni governorates through OLCTC's MEPI-funded “Youth Political Awareness” project © OLCTC

    USG Helps Yemeni Youth Become Active Citizens

  • Yemeni school children taking an active role in a reading activity during YRA's MEPI-funded training program © YRA

    Fostering Critical Thinking and Enhancing Civic Knowledge Among Yemeni Children

  • A MEPI participant speaking about the impact of the MEPI-funded ‘My Business/Mashroui’ program in Qatar © Roudha Center

    MEPI – A Vehicle for Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment

  • “Youth Learning for Change” participants in Taiz and Hodeidah © iEARN Yemen

    Yemeni Youth Raise their Civic Knowledge and Engagement

Yemeni media professionals attending YEMN’s MEPI-funded training on electoral reforms in the governorate of Hadramout © NODS

    Raising Media Awareness on Electoral Reforms and Supporting Women’s Political Participation in Yemen


  • Information Officer Christiaan James announcing the launch of the MEPI-funded Media Observatory project in Sana’a © Al Tagheer
    Raising the Standards of Media Professionalism and Enhancing Unbiased Reporting in Sana’a

    Al Tagheer (9/9/2014) - On September 8, Freedom Foundation inaugurated the MEPI-funded “Media Observatory” project in Sana'a. Freedom Foundation will encourage Yemeni media to raise their standards, minimize political agendas and reduce incitement of violence by monitoring the content on nine local TV channels, 16 newspapers and 16 websites and publishing monthly reports on their professionalism.  Watch the Video - Shabab TV »

  • ADWAR’s logo © ADWAR
    Palestinian MEPI Grantee to Help Women Advocate Against the Stigmatization of Divorced Women

    ADWAR's Facebook Page (9/9/2014) - On September 9, the General Director of ADWAR - Roles for Social Change Association announced that ADWAR will begin to implement a MEPI-funded project to help women advocate against the stigmatization of divorced women and their isolation from civic life in Hebron. She added that the project will raise public awareness of the socio-economic problems and challenges facing divorced women.  

  • No to Harassment © Al Madenah News
    MEPI Jordanian Grantee Organizes Conference To Combat Harassment

    Al Madenah News (8/30/2014) - On August 30, TechTribes held a conference at the Columbia University Middle East Research Center in Amman to launch a rights-based advocacy campaign. The conference, which brought together civil society organizations (CSOs), discussed ways to combat harassment in northern Amman and to advocate for the rights of persons with disabilities in the Aqaba workforce. This conference is part of the MEPI-funded project that aims to build the social media capacity of 45 Jordanian CSO representatives.  

  • Generations for Peace recognizing students and teachers for completing a nonviolent conflict transformation training program during a MEPI-funded closing ceremony © Jordan Times
    MEPI Helped Reduce Violence in Schools in Jordan

    Jordan Times (8/26/2014) - On August 25, Generations for Peace hosted a closing ceremony in recognition of 200 students and 20 teachers from four schools in northern Amman who successfully completed a nonviolent conflict transformation training program. The MEPI grant strengthened the capacity of Jordanian youth to reduce escalating violence in schools. At the ceremony, guests watched a nine-minute MEPI-funded film showcasing students and teachers  Watch the Film »

  • The Organization for Promoting Integrity (OPI) holding its first training sessions on corruption and good governance to 15 women activists in the governorates of Taiz and Hodeidah © Al Wahdawi
    MEPI Grantee Enhanced Yemeni Women’s Advocacy Skills to Increase their Watchdog Functions

    Al Khabar Now (8/25/2014) - In August, the Organization for Promoting Integrity (OPI) held its first training session on corruption and good governance for 15 women activists in the governorates of Taiz and Hodeidah. In addition, OPI developed an online user-friendly guide on the monitoring of public funds. At the training session, the Deputy Governor of Hodeidah underscored the importance of women’s participation in combatting corruption, especially in Hodeidah where corruption is entrenched in its society.  

  • The Mustagel Developmental Foundation training 25 young activists on political advocacy in Hadramout © Shabwaah Press
    Political Empowerment for Young Activists in Southern Yemen

    Shabwaah Press (8/24/2014) - On August 17, the Mustagel Developmental Foundation conducted a training of trainers workshop for 25 young activists on political advocacy in Hadramout, a governorate in southern Yemen. The MEPI-funded workshops will encourage effective political participation and help foster an inclusive transitional period in Yemen.  

Riwaa Youth for Development providing job-oriented skills to 50 young women in Aden © Sada Al Ayam
    MEPI Addressed Poverty and Female Unemployment in Aden Through Job-Oriented Skills Training

    Sada Al Ayam (8/20/2014) - Riwaa Youth for Development launched the MEPI-funded Women Leaders Program (WLP) to address poverty and female unemployment in Aden by providing 50 young women with job-oriented skills through a 10-day training course. The project will secure jobs for a selected number of them in private companies. 

30 female media journalists receiving MEPI-funded training on legal empowerment in Aden © Yemen Akhbar
    Legal Empowerment for Female Media Journalists in Aden

    Yemen Akhbar (8/11/2014) - On August 11 in Aden, Mawada Association for Society Development trained 30 female journalists on legal empowerment. As an outcome of the MEPI-funded program, these journalists will become experts in monitoring and reporting human rights abuses.  

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    MEPI Arabia provides funding to support civil society groups and business leaders in their efforts for societal and economic development. MEPI Arabia works in 6 countries and contributed around $11.5 million to more than 205 projects since its inception in 2004. Apply for a MEPI Local Grant and use the funds in a project that would foster positive change based on your community’s needs

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