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Tamkeen Development Foundation (TDF) - “Supporting Local Democracy”: The Yemen-based TDF will implement a MEPI local grant project to increase the level of public participation in monitoring and evaluating local governance experience and to enhance democratic practices and activate the role of political institutions in local development. The project aims to increase public awareness in Yemen about public oversight of local authorities and to ensure that political parties reflect public priorities at the local level in their plans and strategies. The project will mobilize local CSOs, government offices, political parties, and the media in efforts to increase public awareness about public oversight of local authorities. In addition, the project will produce an easy-to-understand Local Democracy Observer Manual for citizens to learn about local governance and how to monitor and evaluate the performance of their representatives in local government councils.

Beit al Nour (House of Light) - "Youth-Led New Media Project to Advance Freedom of Expression in Yemen":  The project aims to enable fresh media studies college graduates to professionalize their online publishing skills to further freedom of expression in Yemen.  The project also seeks to strengthen Yemen’s young citizens’ participation in democratically debating public policies by enabling them to develop and publish content on social, economic, political, and cultural issues from their own perspective through the use of new media tools.
The project will provide 30 young Yemenis with Web journalism and technology skills to leverage new media to produce and broadcast community related news and views, interviews, and field reports. The topics will be selected by the participants themselves. All project content will be published in a specially-designed media portal funded by this project.

Marriage without Risks Network: Despite a series of tragic stories of child brides prematurely forced into marriage and motherhood, many in Yemeni society continue to cling to the practice of child marriage.  MEPI, working closely with the U.S. Mission in Yemen, supports a network of NGOs dedicated to educating the public about the realities of forcing young women into marriage and motherhood, and empowering Yemeni citizens' advocacy on this issue.   The network will increase awareness of the negative consequences associated with early marriage through a coordinated campaign that will reach local and community leaders.  In addition, the project includes a component to provide legal monitoring and protection to help make Marriage Without Risks a reality.  The project will be implemented over the next year in a limited number of governorates but will result in the production of a national-level toolkit of educational and training materials. 

Al Reyada Social Association for Women: “Women's Capacity in Three Governorates - Dhamar, Sanaban, Mayfa'a Ans” -  The Dhamar-based Yemeni CSO “Al-Reyada Association for Women and Society” (AAWS) is implementing a community leadership project to train Yemeni women in three under-served governorates on the concept of community-based projects, activism, and leadership roles. This MEPI local grant project aims to inspire, educate, and prepare 90 Yemeni women to be active players in their local communities and make them capable of participating in practicing their civic and human rights as protected by local and international women’s rights agreements and conventions.

Arab Foundation for Supporting Women & Juveniles: “Producing a New Generation of Women Civil Society Leaders in Yemen” - Civil society has a strong tradition in southern Yemen: however, its status in recent years has deteriorated.  The Aden-based NGO Arab Foundation for Supporting Women and Juveniles (AFSWJ) is conducting a one-year project to produce a new generation of young civil society women leaders who can contribute to advancing the organizational capacity of Yemeni NGOs in southern Yemen. They will learn to increase those NGOs efficiency, effectiveness and responsiveness in civic causes in general - and women’s issues in particular.

Studies and Economic Media Center (SEMC): "Enhancing Yemen's Efforts to Combat Money Laundering & Terrorist Financing" - Sana’a-based CSO Studies and Economic Media Center (SEMC) will implement a project to support efforts to combat money laundering and terrorist financing in Yemen. The project, which will be implemented in partnership with the Government of Yemen’s Anti-Money Laundering Committee (AMLC), will train parliament members on how to enhance the Parliament’s supervisory role over the government’s implementation of the newly passed Anti-Money Laundering and Terror Finance Law (Law 1/2010) and provide specialized training to key officers from banks, public money courts, legal experts, and local law enforcement units in Yemen on the new law; and how to ensure that no offences are committed.

The Center for International Humanitarian Law & Human Rights: "School Journalism & Raising Democratic Awareness - The Yemeni NGO Taiz-based the Center for International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights (CIHLHR) will implement a journalism program in 10 high schools in both rural and urban areas in Yemen. The project will train 60 students aged 15 to 17 on journalism skills, and will introduce them to national and international regulations related to freedom of expression and the role of free speech in strengthening democracy. CIHLR will first conduct a training for trainers program for the teachers who will be training the students. To insure success of the program, CIHLHR will work with the Ministry of Education and will partner with private media organizations to provide training and mentor for the students. The participants will also meet political activists to learn from them the role of media in promoting democracy. (Click here for success story 1 and success story 2)

All Girls Society for Development : "My Rights, My Responsibility" - Sana’a-based NGO, the All Girls Society for Society (AGSD) will implement a project to raise human rights awareness among youth in their local communities to reduce human rights violations and gender-based violence, not uncommon in Yemen.  The project will train Yemeni students aged 15-17 on human rights, and will establish Human Rights Clubs in 6 high schools in 3 governorates (Sana’a, Ibb, and Hadramout).  Each club will implement at least 2 projects that promote human rights in the local communities. The project aims to reduce human rights violations and gender-based violence in the project’s local communities.

SOUL: "Democracy through Women's Empowerment" - SOUL Yemen, a Sanaa-based NGO working in the area of Women Development, proposes a MEPI project designed to enhance the empowerment of individual women and promote democratic theory and values through the offering of adult education and skills development courses in al-Sinateen Center located in Amran, one of the most deprived rural districts in Yemen. The direct beneficiaries of this project will be more than 150 female participants from the community, as well as approximately 1,000 women and men who are benefiting from the educational awareness raising and advocacy components of the project. The indirect beneficiaries of this project are all the women (approximately 4,000) from the target area and the surrounding vicinity, together with the entire community which the Center serves.  The solidarity and empowerment of this community will lend to the development of its whole, creating a platform for the foundation of democratic and egalitarian values and activities.

Yemen Polling Center: "Advancing Political Participation in Yemen" - Yemen, a developing country and emerging democracy, faces different types of problems that go along with the state-building process.  According to Sana’a-based NGO, the Yemen Polling Center (YPC), the different electoral rounds and involvement of political parties have yielded no tangible progress to date.  Moreover, Yemeni political parties and members of parliament often lack the necessary education and direct channels of contact with society, which lead the Yemeni public to distrust the political process. By implementing this project, the YPC aims to enhance the public's trust in political parties and the political process as a source for a sustainable political development.  The project entails five workshops and a public opinion survey on the topic of political participation in Yemeni society and ways of including society needs and rights in the political parties’ policies and programs. 

Yemen Parliamentarians against Corruption (YemenPac): "Improving Yemen's Parliament" - Sana’a-based Yemeni NGO Yemen Parliamentarians against Corruption (YemenPac) will train Yemeni Parliament Members on effective, open and transparent financial oversight of government finances and operations as a means to improve integrity in governance and combat official corruption. This MEPI local grant project aims to equip Yemeni parliamentarians with the appropriate parliamentary powers, resources and procedures, as well as to give them good executive accounting and reporting skills.
With the assistance of a regional expert, YemenPac will produce practical guidelines for the parliament and parliamentarians on issues related to parliamentary oversight and will develop core educational materials targeted to newly elected members.

Human Rights Information and Training Center: “Mobilizing Arab Citizen Journalists to Advocate for Human Rights” - The Sana’a based Human Rights Information and Training Center (HRITC) will develop a project which will train 30 Arab citizen journalists, from the Middle East region, on human rights and freedom of expresfsion and online advocacy skills. The project will actively engage Arab citizen journalists in the local reform efforts in the Middle East and will establish a network of online advocates of human rights by producing and promfoting educational content and projects. (Click here for success story 1 and success story 2 and success story 3)

Yemeni NGO ‘HOOD’: “Strengthen Advocacy, Defense of Human Rights, and Development of Leadership Skills among Civil Society Activists” - Through this grant project, Yemeni NGO, the National Organization for Defending Rights and Freedoms (aka. HOOD) will strengthen the capacities of 30 male and female civil society activists on advocacy on human rights. In addition to improving their skills in conducting human rights awareness campaigns in rural areas, participants will form a defense network to counter human rights violations.