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What We Do

Engaging Youth

MEPI works to inspire youth to become responsible community leaders and entrepreneurs.

Building Youth Capacity:
Leadership trainings and civic education provide youth the skills and knowledge needed to foster positive change in their communities. MEPI projects encourage young people to be stakeholders in their own society, to support civic culture, to tolerate different views, to respect versatile institutions, and to protect ethnic and religious diversity.

Increasing Educational Opportunities:
When young people receive a quality education, they have a strong foundation on which to become active and engaged participants in social, political, and economic life. MEPI scholarship opportunities, career development initiatives, and education-for-employment projects empower young people to become constructive contributors to their communities.


Professional Development for Youth:

MEPI’s professional development projects for youth focus on promoting skills that lead to jobs and opportunity. Through MEPI-funded teacher training, curriculum improvements, and technology skills development, youth acquire the expertise they need to compete in today’s changing social and business climate.


* For information on successful MEPI grants in the Arabian Peninsula Region, please visit MEPI success stories.