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About Kuwait

Map of Kuwait © U.S. Central Intelligence Agency's World Factbook

Map of Kuwait © U.S. Central Intelligence Agency's World Factbook

Middle East, bordering the Persian Gulf, between Iraq and Saudi Arabia

17,818 sq km

2,742,711 (July 2014 est.) with immigrants accounting for almost 69%

Age structure
0-14 years: 25.4% 15-24 years: 15.3% 
25-54 years: 52.3% 
55-64 years: 4.7% 
65 years and over: 2.1% (2014 est.)

Median age
28.9 years

Population growth rate
1.7% (2014 estimates)

Ethnic groups
Kuwaiti 31.3%, other Arab 27.9%, Asian 37.8%, African 1.9%, other 1.1% (includes European, North American, South American, and Australian) (2013 est.)

Arabic (official), English widely spoken

Muslim (official) 76.7%, Christian 17.3%, other and unspecified 5.9% (2013 est.)

(Age 15 and over can read and write)
Total population: 93.9%
Male: 95%
Female: 91.8% (2008 est.)

Government type
Constitutional emirate


Legislative Branch
Unicameral National Assembly or Majlis al-Umma

Judicial Branch
High Court of Appeal

Gross Domestic Product
$165.8 billion (2013 est.), $42,100 (2013 est.)

GDP Growth Rate
2.3% (2013 est.)

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